Salmon City, ID Thrown from Saddle, Sept 1892

Thrown Down 900 Feet From His Saddle.

Boise, Idaho, September 8.-Alexander McLeod, a well known citizen of Custer county, met with a terrible death in a peculiar manner Monday afternoon, particulars of which have just reached here. McLeod left Salmon City for the mountains, following the Leesburg trail. He rode a horse and led a pack mule. Something frightened the animals, and they ran away. McLeod could not stop the maddened brutes, and they careened along the dangerous trail at a tremendous pace. Coming to an abrupt turn in the trail McLeod’s horse stopped so suddenly that he was pitched out of his saddle and over the brink of a precipice 900 feet high. His body was crushed as flat as a board and every bone was broken. Tom Finnigan and Harry Norfolk, the men who found the disfigured corpse, built a signal fire, which is the mountain people’s method of communication, and men went from Salmon City and secured the body.

Columbus Daily Enquirer, Columbus, GA 9 Sept 1892