Boise, ID (near) Bomber Crashes, Mar 1942


Boise, Idaho, March 16. -- (AP) -- Four Army airmen, including the pilot and co-pilot, were killed and two injured in the crash of a heavy bomber three miles south of Gewen field at Boise, Idaho, Col. Frank W. Wright, commander of the Pendleton airbase, announced today.
The bomber was engaged in a routine night training flight.
The dead are:
Second Lieut. CHARLES S. HOSFORD, III, 426 N.W. Main, Butler, Pa., pilot.
Second Lieut. DUANE T. CROSTWAITE, 34 Wesley Street, Pleasant Ridge, Mich., co-pilot.
Pvt. HAROLD L. GILLIAM, 2121 Grand Avenue, Everett, Wash., crewman.
Pvt. ARTHUR L. SCHIPPER, address unknown, crewman.
Injured are:
Sgt. MORTON L. HOWARD, Route 6, Danville, Pa., radio operator, fractured leg and dislocated right ankle.
Corp. GEORGE A. GURINCK, 65 West Street, Danbury, Conn., engineer, possible fractured ribs and punctured lung, condition serious.
The ship had signaled with its lights and was circling to land, Col. Wright explained. Coming in on the wrong runway, the pilot was radioed to make another attempt and apparently did not see the wooded hills on which the plane crashed. The left motor and left wing were burned and the fuselage broken apart.

Greeley Daily Tribune Colorado 1942-03-17