Wapello, ID Balloon Fire and Crash, Sept 1873

A Balloon Takes Fire and the Aeronaut is Dashed to the Earth an Killed.

WAPELLO, September 25.---A balloon ascension by Professor J. W. Bailey was advertised to take place at the fair grounds, near this city, this afternoon, and a large crowd gathered to witness it. A half past five o'clock the balloon was cut loose, Bailey hanging by his hands to a horizontal bar beneath. Just after the balloon, which was inflated with hot air, left the ground it took fire near the mouth. Bailey did not apparently see the fire until he was too high to let go with safety until he had reached an altitude of twelve of fifteen hundred feet, when the canvas that held the hoop from which he was suspended burned away and he fell, reaching the earth a quarter of a mile from the point of starting. His body was frightfully mangled, his legs being driven into the hard ground up to the knees.

The Ohio Democrat, New Philadelphia, OH 10 Oct 1873



This was my great grandfather and his last name was BOLEY.