Chicago, IL Dore School Fire Drill Panic, Jan 1898

School Children In A Panic.

Incident of a Fire Drill at the Dore School, Chicago.

Chicago, Jan. 24.-A panic occurred this afternoon at the Dore School, and about 1,000 children rushed excitedly from the school into the street, bareheaded and without outdoor wearing apparel.

Principal hitch began giving the pupils in the school fire drills over two years ago. These drills were given at least once a week for several months. His plan was to have a fire bell rung suddenly, when least expected by the pupils.

Shortly after 3 o’clock to-day Principal Hitch concluded to try the children in the fire drill and sounded the alarm. Everything went all right until some one in the street yelled “Fire!” and pulled a box.

The sight of an engine threw the children into a panic. It then required combined energies of Principal Hitch and all the teachers to prevent a serious accident. As it was, a few of the children received bruises.

The New York Times, New York, NY 25 Dec 1898