Evanston, IL Northwestern Gas Light Co. Explosion, Jan 1893


Gas Works at Evanston, a Chicago Suburb, Blown Up.

CHICAGO, Jan. 21.-The gas works of the Northwestern Gas Light company in
Evanston, a suburb of this city, twelve miles north, were blown up at 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon. THOMAS RYAN, the engineer of the works, was hurled a distance of fifteen feet by the explosion into a snow bank, but escaped serious injury. THOMAS KERN, his fireman, was less fortunate. He was hurled against a brick wall and had three ribs broken, besides receiving internal injuries which rendered his removal to a hospital necessary. The financial loss is $20,000 and Evanston is for the present cut off from its supply of light. The explosion was the result of a leak in the pipe leading from the purifiers to the gasometer. The escaped gas was ignited by the fire in the retort furnaces.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 22 Jan 1893