Benton, IL Hotel Fire, Mar 1950


Benton, Ill. -- (UP) -- Fire destroyed the three-story Hudson hotel Friday and the bodies of two elderly men were found in the ruins.
Firemen continued to search in the wreckage but believed that all of the other 15 to 20 guests were rescued or escaped the early morning flames.
The blaze destroyed the interior of the hotel, causing the roof to collapse, and ravaged a drug store and tavern in the same building. Fire companies from Benton and neighboring towns fought nine hours to subdue the blaze.
Some screaming guests were rescued from their rooms by firemen on ladders, while others made their way to exits.
MRS. AMY GOBERMAN, manager of the hotel, dashed through the building to arouse guests and said she had contacted them all.
The dead were identified as GEORGE SUMMERS, 71, and MIKE ELLIFF, 67, retired coal miners who lived at the hotel.
No cause for the blaze had been determined.

Wisconsin State Journal Madison 1950-03-11