Chicago, IL Lake Michigan Sailboat Accident, Sept 1949

Woman’s Body Found in Sailboat Wreckage

Chicago (AP)-A listing sailboat with a woman’s body lashed to the mast was found drifting in Lake Michigan Tuesday-a tragic finale to a gay holiday outing for four amateur sailors.

The bruised, bloody and partly clad body bound to the shattered mast, was that of Mrs. Laural Neitzel, 22, of Chicago.

There was no trace of her husband, Carl, 29 and their sailing companions although coast guardsmen found the shreds of a life jacket tied to the jiggermast aft.

The others missing were Louis D. Ma Quessan of Chicago and his wife Clarice.

Mrs. Neitzel’s mother, Mrs. Gladys Swenson, said the two couples had sailed from Jackson Park harbor, Chicago, at 5 a.m. Sunday for Michigan City, Ind. The Neitzel’s were married only this summer.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin, Walla Walla, WA 6 Sept 1949