Chicago, IL Bomb Explodes in House, Dec 1928

Bomb Man’s Home Four Hours After He Gives to Poor

Chicago, Ill., Dec. 25 (AP).-A bomb exploded at the home of Joseph Porcardo, Republican Committeeman of the Thirty-Second Ward, early Tuesday, four hours after he had distributed Christmas baskets to the poor in his district.

The explosion hurled Porcardo’s aged parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Porcardo, from the beds on the first floor and shattered windows in virtually every house in the block. His mother, afflicted with heart disease, became hysterical and a physician was summoned. Property damage was estimated at $1,500.

Frank Denotto, Anthony Grecco and Michael Sacco families living near by, were thrown from their beds by the explosion. The rear door of the Porcardo home was blown over two adjacent houses, smashing a window in the home of Pasquale Firorita.

Porcardo is aligned with the Republican faction led by United States Senator Deneen and police attributed the bombing to political rivals.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 26 Dec 1928