Chicago, IL Building Fire, Jan 1888

Losses By Fire.

A $590,000 Blaze at Chicago.

The seven-story brick building, 298 and 300 Third Avenue at Chicago, owned by John C. Dare, burned last evening, causing a loss of nearly $500,000. Book-binding and printing firms were the principal occupants, and their ink and other inflammable material fired so easily that firemen were unable to do more than to try to save the adjoining structures. The majority of people in the building narrowly escaped with their lives. Among the firms burned out are Clark & Lowry, J.O. Hanson, Fred Hart & Co., all book binders; Rubel Bros. and Poole Bros., printers; the Eye Printing Company; Campbell printing press company; Western Rural newspaper company; Copelin, photographer; the McIntosh electrical company, and the Emerick proprietary company, a patent medicine concern.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 8 Jan 1888