Apple River, IL Train Wreck, Jan 1888


Freeport, Ills., Jan 19. -- An Illinois Central passenger train was wrecked Tuesday night, near Apple River, Jo Davies County, by the breaking of a rod. No one was killed.
The injured were:
MR. BIRMINGHAM, Galena, hurt badly about the arms and back.
MRS. E. L. BEDFORD, wife of a Galena attorney, severe injuries of the back and head.
ROBERT McLEUD, Grant county, Wisconsin, left side injured.
MISS JENNIE RANSOM, Avery, Ills., generally bruised about the head and shoulders.
ARTHUR T. RANSOM, Coatesville, Ind., fracture of a rib, by coming in contact with a seat, and left ear split open.
MR. H. C. TRAER, Iowa Falls, Ia., received several bad bruises.
Mail Agent COMSTOCK, injured badly.

Sterling Evening Gazette Illinois 1888-01-19