Albany, IL Tornado, June 1860 - First Reports

From the Lyons City Advocate -- Extra

Monday Morning, June 4, 1860

Soon after arriving at Camanche, we learned that the town of Albany, on the opposite side of the river, and about one mile above Comanche, had been visited by the tornado, and was about as badly riddled ad Camanche. Upon the arrival of the Queen City at Camanche, she immediately put back to Albany, to learn the truth of the rumor, and found that scarcely a building in that town was left uninjured; but from what we could learn, the loss of life was not great as at the former place. Those who returned reported 12 killed. Two churches were blown down entirely. We did not visit Albany, and consequently can speak only from report with reference to it. Amid the great confusion that prevailed, it was almost impossible to obtain any correct information. We could not learn the names of those who were killed, but shall gather the full particulars for our regular issue this week. The house of O. McMahon, banker, of this city, was entirely demolished, but the family escaped without injury.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Jun 1860