Albany, IL Tornado, June 1860 - Dead & Injured

FULTON, ILL., June 4, 4:30 P. M. – The names of those killed by the tornado at Albany, Ill., on the evening of the third, are as follows: D. BUCK, E. EFFNER, MR. SWEET; MISS REYDEN, missing and two children of Mr. Riley. Those fatally wounded, are Mr. Riley, Miss Mary Stagg and Mrs. Slocum; badly hurt, are Mr. Perking, Mrs. Sweat, Mrs. Cripen and child, Mrs. Whitcomb, leg broken, Mrs. Effner, Fred K. Miller, and Mr. Ostrander. Several others are more of less injured. A public meeting of the citizens of Fulton was held to-day, which resolved to furnish homes, and every assistance necessary to the comfort of the sufferers.

Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL 5 June 1860