Barnhill, IL Tornado, Apr 1892

FAIRFIELD, Ill., April 5. -- Barnhill, a small village 6 miles south of here, was visited by a disastrous cyclone Monday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. Every house in the place was wrecked and only four or five were left on their foundations. About ten houses were totally destroyed and one woman, Mrs. Harry, was seriously injured. The heaviest rain in years fell here during the afternoon.
The Iowa Citizen, Iowa City, IA 8 Apr 1892

Details of the Destruction at Barnhill, Ill.

FAIRFIELD, Ill, April 6. -- As has already been noted in these dispatches Barnhill, a small town 7 miles south, was almost swept away Monday by a terrible cyclone. The home of Mrs. Harris was entirely destroyed. Mrs. Harris escaped with a broken arm. Her son was blown 50 yards without injury. The storehouse of Pickerett & Meeks and the Ohio & Mississippi depot were unroofed and goods greatly damaged. The house of W. N. Atterbury had its roof blown off. John Barbee's barn was destroyed. William Beard's house was completely wrecked. Miles Oakley's house was unroofed and stable blown down. John Tucker's house was unroofed. The house of R. B. Meeks was destroyed and the barn blown down.

The Baptist church was entirely swept away; nothing but sills and corner stones remain to tell where it stood. Fragments of the building were scattered for one-fourth of a mile. The house of William Meeks is a total wreck. James Huston's house was destroyed. John Upton's blacksmith shop was unroofed. Mrs. Sidney Lock's house was badly damaged. William Meeks was picked up an blown 300 yards and was unhurt. The house of Henry Chapman was blown off its foundation and his wagon carried for 200 yards and torn to pieces. The cyclone moved in a north and easterly direction, destroying the orchard of Sarah Belange and damaging her house. The house of George Davis was unroofed, his barn badly damaged and a cow injured by a falling tree. B. H. Meek's house was unroofed. Harry Ethridge's house was blown off its foundation. M. M. Butler's barn was destroyed and house damaged. Martha Atterbury's barn was blown down and kitchen wrecked. John Tice's house and barn were damaged and "Ed" Lane's barn destroyed.

Lorain County Reporter, Elyria, OH 9 Apr 1892