Metropolis, IL Tornado, Mar 1890


Several Hundred People Killed and Injured By a Cyclone.

CHICAGO, Ill., March 28.-A late special says that Metropolis, a small village in Illinois, about thirty-five miles from Cairo, was destroyed by the storm and several hundred people killed and injured.

Specials to The Herald report that a violent storm of wind, hail, rain and snow prevails all over the northwest, in some places approaching the fury of a cyclone.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 28 Mar 1890


CAIRO, ILL., March 29.-A tornado struck Metropolis, Ill., at five o'clock in the evening, doing great damage to property. Many houses were blown down, but no loss of life is reported. Millcreek Mills, on the M. & O. road, was also visited by the storm, and considerable damage is reported. Wires are down for miles, and no fuller account can be obtained.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 29 Mar 1890


At Metropolis the tornado unroofed and otherwise damaged about 200 houses, among them being the court house and bank and Judge MILKEY's residence. One person was killed and several hurt.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 29 Mar 1890


The Metropolis Horror.

METROPOLIS, ILLS., March 29.-The cyclone cut a clean swath about a quarter of a mile wide clear across the town, wrecking property of all descriptions and burying men, women and children in the debris of falling buildings. The number of victims can not be ascertained with anything like accuracy, but it is reported several hundred people were killed or wounded and between two and three hundred houses were swept away from their foundations and dashed to pieces. The storm passed in a moment and then came a blinding rain which greatly retarded the work of rescue. As fast as possible the victims were taken from the ruins. On every side could be heard groans of the dying all around lay mangled bodies of the dead. Scores of bodies were removed from the ruins and the wounded men were given every possible attention, but many have doubtless died through lack of proper medical attention.

In the business district havoc was terrible. Stores considered substantial were demolished in an instant. The cyclone entered the town on the south and the west, sweeping everything before it. Small barns and outbuildings were caught up and carried with crushing force against larger structures. Trees were twisted off short and hurled long distances. Fences were levelled in the country for miles.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 29 Mar 1890


Hundreds Killed at Metropolis.

CAIRO, Ill., March 28.-A tornado struck Metropolis, Ill., at 5 o'clock last evening, doing great damage to property. Many houses were blown down, and it is reported that several hundred people were killed and injured, but all wires are down and it is impossible to get details.

Metropolis is a town of about 4,000 inhabitants. It is situated on the Ohio river, which at that point is a broad stream now much swollen by the floods which have threatened the towns along its banks. It is the county seat of Massac county and lies directly south of the center of the county. This town has but one railroad, the Terre Haute, which, running south through the county, turns at Metropolis and follows the course of the Ohio up the river to a point opposite Paducah, Ky. There the road crosses to the Kentucky side and becomes the Newport News & Mississippi Valley.

Davenport Morning Tribune, Davenport, IA 29 Mar 1890