Mattoon, IL Balloon Accident, Oct 1907


Fell 400 Feet, Landing On Concrete Platform.

Mattoon, Ill., Oct 12---A balloonist who went by the name of Dare Devil Bonansings, lost his life here Friday. He was employed by the Mattoon Festival Association to make two flights and parachute leaps each day.

When he started on his flight yesterday afternoon he discovered, when he was up about 400 feet, that his balloon had burst, and evidentaly[sic] fearing that he might become entangled in the collapsed gas bag, he cut loose his parachute to open, and he fell with full force on the concrete platform on the union station.

He died from the effect of his injuries an hour after the accident. His home was at Quincy, and he had been making ascensions for twenty-five years.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 12 Oct 1907