Bensenville, IL Train Accident, Nov 1919

Train Kills Little Girl

ELENORE HATTENDORF Meets Death on Unprotected R. R. Crossing on Her Way to School

ELENORE HATTENDORF, 8-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. HATTENDORF was instantly killed Thursday morning, Nov. 13 when an eastbound train struck the little girl, throwing her to one side. That the child's youthfulness or the child's judgment was in no ways to blame for the terrible accident, is evidenced by the fact that at the same time Mr. N.V. COX, of Elgin, narrowly escaped death. His suitcase which he was carrying was wrenched from his hand and hurled many feet when the train went by. Mr. COX was on the west side of the street, while the little girl was on the east side, both waiting for a west bound train to pass. Neither had any way of knowing that another train was coming from the west and both headed south. Elenore was nearer the east bound track when the beam hit her in the head causing instant death, but with no mutilation. Mr. COX had not had time to get quiet (sic) so far and thus his life was saved.

The sad funeral was held Sunday, Rev. BRAUER officiating. It was one of the largest funerals held in Roselle. Coupled with words of sorrow and sympathy for the bereaved family were heard words of condemnation for the unprotected railroad crossing. No sadder funeral was ever witnessed here. The little girl's schoolmates paid their last tribute of love in flowers and tears. Four of them carried all that remained of their friend, while the entire town paid silent tribute to the memory of the cheery maiden who was loved and admired by all.

The immediate family are the bereaved parents, a sister, Adelia and a brother, Arnold besides many other relatives in this vicinity.

The coroner's inquest put the blame where it belongs. It's verdict resulted I many complaints being filed with the Public Utility Commission, and the R.R. authorities which will result in something being done.

It will be remembered that last spring when Dr. VOLDERBING and Mr. HENRY HATTENDORF met with accidents at this same crossing, the writer in an article to the Register said the public was wondering how many deaths it would require before something would be done to make this crossing safer for pedestrians and vehicles. We are all anxious to travel fast when we take a train, but we should have Safety First, the same as they all have in all well regulated towns and villages so that the parents of the little children may feel safe and secure from such terrible accidents as the one Nov. 13.

DuPage County Register, Bensenville, IL 21 Nov 1919