Chicago, IL Farwell Block Fire, Nov 1885

A Big Blaze.

Farwell Block In Chicago Badly Damaged

A $200,000 Loss on Building and Stock of Various Firms Occupying the Block, by a Fire at an Early Hour This Morning-The Fire Checked but the Building Thoroughly Flooded with Water.

Chicago, Ill., Nov. 6.-At 3:05 this morning a fire was discovered in the old Farwell Block, 237 and 239 Monroe Street, by a Pinkerton watchman, who turned in an alarm which was soon followed by a second. The building is still owned by J.V. Farwell & Co. and is occupied as follows: W.T. Moore & Co., silks and dress goods, and J.L. Libby & Co., shirts and underwear, on the ground floor; Manheimer, Lipman & Co., cloak manufacturers, occupy the second and fifth stories; Swett, Orr & Co., manufacturers of pantaloons and overalls, occupy the third floor; N.M. Marshall & Co., dry goods commissioners, the fourth floor.

The fire originated in the rear of the third floor, from unknown causes. It soon spread to the fourth, and ate its way into the second floor, but was mastered by firemen before it could extend far forward. The loss cannot now be estimated, but will not be very heavy as the occupants of the building are commission merchants and sell by samples.

Later estimates place the probable loss at $200,000. The chief losers are Manheimer, Lipman & Co. who carried a very expensive line and whose losses are placed $100,000, principally from water, the entire building being thoroughly flooded.

The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 6 Nov 1885