Chicago, IL Cable Train Accident, Sept 1887

Died Of His Injuries.

Peter Johnson, the 14-year-old boy who was so horribly mangled by a cable train of the Chicago City Railway at Twenty-sixth and State streets at 9 o’clock Saturday morning died at his home, No. 276 Twenty-sixth street yesterday morning. The boy was in the employ of the company, and was at work with a gang of men on construction at the time and place above mentioned. At the time of the accident young Johnson was at work cleaning mud out of the conduit beneath the street level, and thoughtlessly emerged from the man-hole as the train was approaching. The wheel guard of the grip-car caught him about the center of the body and dragged him from the hole, crushing his chest in a terrible manner, and dislocating his left arm and shoulder. He was removed to his home and a physician called, but the internal injuries sustained proved fatal, and he died yesterday morning. The Coroner was notified.

Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 12 Sept 1887


Coroner’s Inquests.

On Peter Johnson, at No. 278 Twenty-sixth Street, who was accidentally killed by being caught by a pulley in the south end pits of the cable rod, Sept. 10;

Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 13 Sept 1887