North Chicago, IL Passenger Train Derails, Nov 1939



North Chicago, Ill., Nov. 22 (AP) -- The engineer of the Chicago and Northwestern's "Winnebago" passenger train loaded with Northwestern university students, homeward bound for the holidays, was killed and several persons shaken late today when the locomotive and first four cars left the track near here.
HARRY ANDERSON, the engineer, was killed when he was pinned between the engine and tender. The fireman, STANLEY MACK, Elmhurst, was severely burned when the engine rolled into a ditch. No passengers were injured seriously, the C. and NW. office reported.
Deputy Sheriff Charles Racas said the rails apparently separated, derailing the train.
W. E. Harmsen, boatswain's mate at Great Lakes Naval training station, said he was standing a quarter of a mile north of the oncoming train when he "saw the engine veer over to one side, rock back on the track and then roll in the ditch."
Many of the students climbed out of the windows of the overturned cars, Harmsen said.
The eight-car "Winnebago" was about half an hour out of Chicago on its northward run to Kenosha, Wis., Milwaukee and Menonimee, Mich.
Sheriff Thomas Kennedy said he was investigating a report that the locomotive had overtaken a handcar operated by three railroad workers who jumped and ran when they saw they could not get the car off the tracks before the train struck it.
Railroad investigators found the wreckage of a
"speeder" ground into the roadbed but said they could not find anyone who had left the machine on the tracks.
Lake County Sheriff's deputies used an acetylene torch to free ANDERSON'S body from the wrecked locomotive cab. The derailed engine and passenger cars ripped up the track for a quarter of a mile. Rails for 200 feet were twisted in hairpin curves.
CHARLOTTE KICKHAEFER, 19, of Milwaukee, Wis., and BETTY BIGELOW, 18, Niles, Mich., both Northwestern students, said they were riding in the third car when it overturned. They said there was no panic in the wrecked car.

Logansport Press Indiana 1939-11-23