Chicago, IL Fell off Marble Slab, Jun 1891


Matt Monaghan Falls Off a Marble Slab in a Bath Establishment.

Jockey Matt Monaghan, of Corrigan’s stables received injuries in a peculiar manner last night which may terminate fatally. Monaghan went into the Turkish bath establishment under the Brevoort House about 12 o’clock. He was lying on a marble slab in the hot-room taking a slow bath, when he rolled off and struck the granite floor, cutting a deep gash in his forehead. He was unconscious when the operator reached his side. Two physicians were called in, who worked on him for two hours, but were unable to revive him. Monaghan is twenty-one years old and a native of Sandy Hill, N.Y. He rode Brookwood at the West Side races last week.

Chicago Herald, Chicago, IL 2 Jun 1891