Little Prairie, IL Tornado, Mar 1890

Great Destruction in Illinois

Every House in Little Prairie Demolished and a Number of People Hurt

Nashville, Ill., March 28.--Messengers from Little Prairie, a settlement about five miles south of this place, have reached town with the intelligence that the village had been visited by a cyclone and nearly every house demolished: a number of people had been badly injured, and some, it was thought, could not recover. The messengers had left Little Prairie to obtain aid for the sufferers before the full extent of the disaster was known, and particulars have not been received. In response to the summons many physicians have left here for Little Prairie.

A cloud burst and hail storm here at 4 o’clock demolished several houses and injured several people.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 28 Mar 1890


In Illinois

The Disasters Throughout the State Not as Great as First Reported

Cairo, Ill., March 29,--At Little Prairie, a few miles distant from Nashville, the storm destroyed the residence of WILLIAM RHINE, and Mr. RHINE was badly hurt, his leg and arm being broken. He is also internally injured and is not expected to live. Two of his children were carried a quarter of a mile to the home of DAVID SMITH. They were uninjured. Smith’s house was destroyed. He rushed out with his little girl and a tree fell on them. Neither is expected to live. FRITZ KRUM’s house was blown away, and he and his wife probably fatally injured. HENRY TAYLOR and his family had a like fate.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 29 Mar 1890