Belvidere, IL Farmer Dragged by Tractor, Oct 1939

Farmer, Dragged By Tractor, Is Badly Injured

(Consolidated News Service)

Belvidere, Ill., Oct. 3.—His legs stripped of flesh when he was dragged by a tractor which circled several times about a field before he was rescued, Gilbert Blake, 44, Boone county farmer, was reported to be in a critical condition tonight at Highland hospital.

Blake was operating a tractor drawn plow this afternoon when the seat of the tractor broke and he dropped to the ground. To avoid being struck by the plow, Blake grasped a projection on the tractor and clung to it.

The driverless tractor circled around the field several times, dragging Blake along the ground. It finally crashed to a stop against a telephone pole. Men working on a road nearby heard the farmer’s cries and rushed to his aid.

Blake was unconscious when taken to the hospital in an ambulance and had not regained consciousness late tonight. Physicians reported he had lost large amounts of blood and that skin had been torn form his legs from the kneecap to the thigh, leaving muscles and nerves exposed. the physicians expressed fear that gas gangrene infection may result from the injury.

The son of Mrs. Fred Blake, 1321 South State street, Belvidere, Blake operates the Blake homestead farm five miles south of Belvidere on the Kirkland road. He is married and the father of eight children. His wife is the former Blanche Whitney, daughter of Mrs. Lottie Whitney, 1103 Whitney boulevard, Belvidere.

Morning Star, Rockford, IL 4 Oct 1939