Chicago, IL Wall Collapses, June 1912


Chicago, Illinois.
ARTHUR DUNLAP, 26, 1640 W. Thirty-Fifth Street, was killed, and five were injured when a wall of a new building in the plant of the Anglo-American Packing Co., 40th Street and Packers Avenue, collapsed shortly before noon today.
The injured:
JOHN GARRETT, foreman, 34, 3751 S. Paulina; injured about head; Englewood Hospital.
ANTON ZOWATKA, 17, 3824 S. Ashland Av.; right leg broken and bruised about body; Englewood Hospital.
JACOB JENKOL, 56, 3824 S. Ashland Av.; right arm broken and cuts on head; Englewood Hospital.
WALTER MULCHAURA, 34, 3621 S. Paulina; back bruised; taken home.
JOHN KISOOWSKI, 40, 4420 Hermitage Av.; left limb broken and cuts on right arm; Wesley Hospital.
The men were working on top of a 22-foot wall putting a roof on the building. GARRETT, the foreman, felt the wall sway under him and cried to the workmen to jump.
KISOOWSKI and ZOWATKA were injured when they leaped to the ground. Several of the laborers were unhurt by the long jump. DUNLAP and the other injured men did not hear GARRETT'S warning in time and crashed through the building to the ground floor under a mass of falling bricks and timbers.
DUNLAP was the first man rescued. He was unconscious and lived but a few minutes. Groans convinced the rescuers that all of the buried men were alive and firemen and policemen worked frantically to reach them.
In spite of his injuries GARRETT, the foreman, directed the work of rescue and refused to have his wounds dressed until the last man was taken from the tangle of timbers and masonry.
All the injured men will recover.

The Day Book Chicago Illinois 1912-06-20