Mazon, IL (Near) - Youths Rescued After Their Car Crashes Into the Icy Mazon River, Feb 1991

Youths Pulled From Icy Mazon River After Vehicle Slides Off Dwight Road

Mazon (near), IL., Feb. 18 - Grundy County Deputies and Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Ambulance personnel were able to pull two youths from a partially submerged car in the Mazon River, along Dwight Road, south of Gardner Road, about 11:50 p.m. Saturday.

Andrew Buck, 16, 611 N. Chicago St., Dwight, and Judson Pico, 15, 219 E. South St., Dwight, were taken to Morris Hospital by Dwight and MVK Ambulances.

Deputy Kelly Pantaleone reported Buck was driving the 1990 Ford northbound on Dwight Road, south of Gardner Road, when the car hit a patch of ice.

The car went out of control, slid 60 feet, went off the west side of the bridge and flipped into the Mazon River, landing about 15 feet from the bridge facing south.

Ryan Holottan, 16, 414 Chippewa St., Dwight, witnessed the accident and went for help.

Deputies Terry Bitner, Pantaleone and Sgt. Kevin Callahan went to the scene. They attached a rappelling hook and line to the south bank and Bitner waded into the icy water. He was able to get the driver's door open and pull one of the youths out.

Due to the cold water, Bitner was forced to return to shore but MVK firemen then arrived and were able to get the other youth out.

The sheriff's department reported the youths were thrown into the backseat of the car where some air was trapped in the vehicle.

It was also reported that if Holottan had not seen the accident it was unlikely anyone would have seen the car for hours, because of the location.

Morris Daily Herald 1991-02-18