Chicago, IL Gas Explosion, Feb 1902

Thirteen Dead, seventy-five injured,
and Two Buildings Shattered in Chicago

CHICAGO, Feb. 5 — Thirteen lives were
lost, many persons slightly injured, two
buildings at 372 and 174 Twenty-Second
Street were wrecked, and $50,000 damage
was done by an explosion of gas to-night
at the intersection of Twenty-Second Street
and Archer Avenue.
The list o£ injured might be extended to
seventy-five or one hundred, as there were
many people in the neighborhood who sustained
slight injuries from flying glass or
slight bruises caused by falls, but whose
names have not been reported.
Only one of the bodies of the dead has
been recovered. All that is known of the
fate of the other twelve reported dead is
that they are thought to have been — the
most of them are known to have been — in
the demolished houses, and since, the explosion
no trace of them has been found.
The cause of the explosion is unknown
and it has not yet been determined whether
it was sewer gas or illuminating gas. Mains filled with the latter were instantly ablaze after the explosion and a succession of explosions followed, the flames shooting up through the manholes in the
street. It will be difficult to ascertain
whether the illuminating gas exploded or
whether the mains were broken by the explosion
of sewer gas.

Feb. 6, 1902 edition of The New York Times