Chicago, IL Train Hits School Bus, Feb 1979

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Chicago (AP) - A school bus returning kindergarten children to their homes after morning classes collided Wednesday with a railroad locomotive. Two youngsters were killed and 17 injured.
The fatalities were:
FAITH ALEXANDER, 6, of 54 W. 105th Street.
ANTHONY THOMPSON, 5, of 11401 S. State Street.
Two of the injured were reported in critical condition. The others appeared to suffer mainly from lacerations, attendants said.
The bus driver, a teacher at the Roseland Christian School on the far South Side, suffered minor injuries. His name was withheld.
All the children were 5 or 6 years old, hospital attendants said. Including the driver, there were 20 persons in the bus which has a seating capacity of about 60.
Beatrice Taylor, a bookkeeper at the South Shore Iron Works, heard the crash from her office.
"We ran out and saw that this engine, which wasn't pulling any cars, had carried the bus down the tracks about 60 feet or so," she said. "It was on its side in a ditch. One side had been badly smashed."
"Two children were under the bus,"
she said. "One child had been thrown out and was about 50 feet away. The others were screaming and crying inside the bus. Some of our workers pulled them out of the bus through the windows. We took them to our office and tried to treat them the best we could until ambulances arrived. They all were bleeding quite a bit."
Mrs. Taylor said there are no gates at the crossing on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad line.
Police said the bus stopped and started through the intersection just after a freight train had passed. A locomotive going the opposite direction collided with the bus.

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