Joliet, IL Light Plane Crash, Jul 1967


Joliet, Ill. (AP) - Three members of a Lockport family and their pilot were killed Wednesday afternoon in a plane crash moments after takeoff from Joliet Municipal Airport.
The victims were identified as JOSEPH MATIA, 46; his daughters, JEANINE, 16, and JACQUELYN, 12; and JOHN MARCO, 24, of Joliet, the pilot.
A state trooper who witnessed the crash said he saw the plane bank to the right shortly after takeoff.
He said the plane's right wing hit some trees, and the four-passenger aircraft plummeted to the ground.
Witnesses said the plane burst into flames upon impact.
An airport spokesman said MARCO had been flying for about a year and rented a plane about once a week. The crashed plane had been rented from Mainline Aviation at the airport.

Mt. Vernon Register-News Illinois 1967-07-20