Chicago, IL Fires, Feb 1889

The Local Fire Record

A $25 blaze occurred in the planing-mill of SPARR & WEISS, 202 North Union street, at an early hour yesterday morning.

A chimney fire at No. 621 West Fifteenth street was the cause of an alarm from box no. 443 at 5 o’clock last evening. The building is a two-story frame and owned by, P. MCCARTY.

A defective flue was the cause of a fire in a two-story frame building in the rear of No. 92 Front Street, damaging the structure $50 and the contents $25. The building is occupied by the families of JOHN NIEMAN and MARTIN DEMICK and owned by MR. KOHL.

A fire broke out in the attic of a hotel at No. 294 Dearborn street about 10 o’clock last night. It is a six-story brick structure and run by P. BURG. Damage to the building $75; to furniture $25.

A grocery store in a two-story frame building at No. 118 Dekoven street caught fire at eight o’clock last night, damaging the stock $200 and the building $100. LOUIS LILANSKI owned the store. J.S. REANARD’S home at No. 3414 South Park Avenue, caught fire about 8 o’clock last evening, but was extinguished with very slight damage.

GOODBODY BROTHERS’ meat market and grocery at No. 1010 West Harrison street caught fire shortly after 6 o’clock last evening damaging the stock $300 and the building $100.

A two-story frame house at No. 458 West Taylor street, occupied by HENRY SULLIVAN, was damaged $10 by fire at 7:30 o’clock last evening.

A chimney fire called the department to No. 977 Twenty-first street at 6:30 o’clock last evening.

About 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon a fire broke out in a two-story frame building at the rear of No. 556 Ogden Avenue, occupied as a barn by J.L. RUDD Damage $300. A one-story frame dwelling adjoining, occupied by MRS. ELLEN SCHOFIELD, was damaged $25.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 23 Feb 1889