Beardstown, IL Flood, Oct 1926

Beardstown Flood, photo from Beardstown Flood, photo from

Citizens Flee as River Rises

Merchants in Illinois Town Move Stocks at Threat of Flood

By the United Press
Beardstown, Ill., Oct 3.-- Floods are threatening Beardstown again, following another big rise in the Illinois River. Merchants are removing stocks from their stores and numerous residents are vacating their lowland homes.

The breaking of the main levee was expected momentarily Sunday night, as the water rose to a height of twenty-three feet with the prospect of another six-inch rise before dawn.

In the absence of official government reports from upstream, levee workers kept busy reinforcing the large retaining wall with sand bags.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 4 Oct 1926

Beardstown, Ill. Covered
By the Associated Press

Beardstown, Ill., Oct. 9.-- Setting a new flood record, overflow water from the Illinois River had practically covered all of Beardstown Saturday, only twenty-eight homes were not surrounded.

The river stage reached 25.11 feet after dropping slightly Friday, only to climb back upward again. The highest record was in 1922, when a river stage of 25.1 feet flooded the city.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 10 Oct 1926