Chicago, IL Electricity Accident, Sept 1908

Girl Lives

After 2,300 Volt Of Electricity Pass Through Her Body.

Chicago, Sept. 21- MOLLIE A. RANK, 17 years old, of 2623 Emerald Avenue, is alive and well after receiving into her body 2,300 volt of electricity, 500 volts more than is administered to condemned persons in the penal institutions of New York and Ohio.

Several companions last evening dared her to climb an electric light pole and touch a wire. She did the ascent, touched the lived wire and fell unconscious to the ground. The girl was later revived and she will recover, doctors say.

One of the doctors said last night the recovery of the girl adds weight to the argument of those who contend that those condemned to death by electrocution do not die in the electric chair, but by the knife of the surgeon performing the official autopsy, or by dissolution in the grave.

Grand Forks Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 22 Sept 1908