Chicago, IL Gas Explosion, Feb 1902


Two Houses in Chicago Are Suddenly Wrecked and Then Destroyed by Fire.

All Tenants Are Supposed to Have Been Killed, but Only One Body Is Recovered.

Chicago. Feb 5.---Thirteen lives were lost, many people slightly injured, two buildings at 372 and 374 Twenty-second street were wrecked and $50,000 damage was done by the explosion of gas tonight at the intersection of Twenty-second street and Archer avenue. Following are the dead and injured:

OTTO TROSTEL, 35 years old, butcher.
MRS. OTTO TROSTEL, 35 years old.
OTTO TROSTEL, JR., 2 years old.
LENA TROSTEL, 7 years old.
ANNIE TROSTEL, 9 years old.
MAMIE TROSTEL, 11 years old.
FRED TROSTEL, butcher, nephew of Otto Trostel, 22 years old.
SOPHIE KNIGHT, domestic in Trostel family.
MARY ROSENTHAL, 32 years old, 2111 Purple street.
MRS. M. KAUFERT, 372 Twenty-second street.
EDWARD KAUFERT, 14 years old.
MAMIE KAUFERT, 4 years old.
ANDREW KOLB, roomer with Mrs. Kaufert.

Injured: Lucy Merranoski, cut on head and face by glass.
Andrew Finstalki, cut and internal injuries.
Augustus Roslen, cut about face.
Sing Wah, Twenty-third street and Archer avenue, blown through window; cut and bruised.
Nellie Merchand, cut by glass.
Kate Sever, cut on face and head.
Emma Folz, cut by glass.
J. W. McLeod, cut by glass.
Mrs. J. W. McLeod, cut and badly bruised.
Timothy Moynihan, fireman; hands badly burned.
P. E. Donohue, fireman; left arm cut with ax.
Peter Danugand, cut by glass.
J. P. Collins, street car conductor; blown through car; cut and slight internal injuries.
A. Barnes, street car conductor; blown from car into street; badly bruised.

One Body Recovered.

The list of injured might be increased to twenty-five or more as there are many people in the neighborhood who sustained slight injuries from flying glass or slight bruises caused by falls, but whose names have not been reported. Only one of the bodies of the dead---that of little LENA TROSTEL---has been recovered. All that is known of the fate of the others dead are that they ought to have been in the demolished house and since the accident no trace of them has been found.

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Trostel family

There is a marker for the Trostel family at Oak Woods cemetery in Chicago. I will be posting a picture of the marker shortly on Find-a-Grave.