Chicago, IL Cable Car Accident, Dec 1896


Mrs. Parmelee, 75 Years Old, Killed by Chicago Cable Cars.

Chicago, Dec. 24.---Mrs. F. A. Parmelee, 75 years old, and the mother-in-law of W. S. Scaverns, a member of the board of trade firm of I. N. Aah & Co., met a horrible death Wednesday afternoon under a cable train on State street within sight of thousands of Christmas shoppers. Mrs. Parmelee was buying Christmas presents and had several small bundles in her arms. Cable cars and vehicles were thicker than usual between Madison and Washington streets. Snow was falling, and this added to the woman's inability to get across State street safely. When on the cable track a train knocked her down and life was quickly crushed out.

Stevens Point Daily Journal, Stevens Point, WI 24 Dec 1896