Wood Station, IL Train Wreck, Jan 1906


Held Under Wreck with Leg Crushed, He Saws Timbers Away.

Pinioned under wreckage resulting from the collision of two Burlington freight trains near Wood Station, Ill., which was made more complete by the explosion of an engine boiler and a car load of powder, Engineer Grover Hinderer of Beardstown, Ill., with his leg crushed and held fast, sawed desperately for forty five minutes and finally freed himself and was pulled out. He was taken to the hospital at Alton and it is believed will recover. Fireman W. A. Anderson was seriously injured, but will probably live. Brakemen Mason, Franks, and George Anderson were imprisoned in the debris and at first were believed to be dead, but finally were rescued not seriously injured. Rescuers were unable to release him Engineer Hinderer and finally passed him a saw, cheering him until her released himself.

Cook County Herald, Arlington Heights, IL 12 Jan 1906