DeKalb, IL Balloon Accident, Sept 1909

Fred Banker, 32 years old, of Aurora fell 140 feet from his balloon while making an ascension at Electric Park in DeKalb and received probably fatal injuries. At the height of 140 feet Banker for some unknown reason cut loose with his parachute, which did not have time to open before he reached the ground. The accident was witnessed by a crowd of 4,000 which had gathered at the Labor Day picnic. Banker was an experienced aeronaut and had made more than 100 ascensions.

Cook County Herald, Arlington Heights, IL 17 Sept 1909


Please fix this the man that

Please fix this the man that died was Andrew not Fred. Check the Beacon News for that date and you will see the article

This is the wrong man, right

This is the wrong man, right accident, but the name if the man was Andrew Banker. Fred is his brothes and died in Cooperstown, N.Y. in the dame typ of accident but in 1926


There were two men, one Andrew and the other his brother Fred.
Andrew "shortie" Banker is the one that died in the article above.
Fred died in 1926 in a very similat accident when his chute did not open.
Thought to have happened in Phily, but a cousin said she just found an article that showed it took place a Cooperstown new york.
Have a great day. Marv from MN.

This is the wrong man. The

This is the wrong man. The mans name should be Andrew