Chicago, IL Beef Storage Company Invisible Fire, Jan 1905

Invisible Fire In A Wall.

Thirty-three Men Overcome and $400,000 Damage Caused in Chicago.

Chicago, Jan. 16.-Despite the united efforts of the greater portion of the Fire Department of Chicago an invisible fire in the beef storage department of Schwarzschild & Sulzberger’s plant at the Stock Yards has produced dense smoke for more that twenty-four hours, causing the temporary asphyxiating of thirty-three firemen and helpers, and a loss by fire on the building and by smoke on the beef of $400,000.

Although smoke to-night continued to pour out of the burning building in clouds, no sign of a blaze has been seen by the firemen since the fire started Sunday evening. The fire is in an eight-foot sawdust wall, used to retain cold atmosphere. There are no apertures giving access to the burning sawdust, which is packed tightly in the wall. The firemen opened several holes, but in each instance were compelled to run for their lives on account of the rush of smoke and gas which poured from the opening. Fire Chief Campion says the fire may burn for several days.

The New York Times, New York, NY 17 Jan 1905