Chicago, IL Horse and Barn Fire, May 1896

Four Horses Burned.

Barn Belonging to N.J. Druecker Destroyed by Fire.

A fire which bore a threatening aspect for a few minutes broke out in a barn at the rear of No. 929 Clybourn Avenue at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon. A high wind was blowing at the time, and as the majority of the buildings in the vicinity named are frame structures a 2-11 alarm f fire was turned in. Only the engines which responded to the first alarm, however, were required to bring the fire under control. A barn and two coal shed were burned and two cottages badly damaged. Those who suffered by the flames were:

N.J. Druecker, No. 929 Clybourn Avenue, lime dealer; barn containing four horses, two sets of double harness, one set of single harness, horse blankets, and feed, totally destroyed. Loss on barn, $700; horses, $1,000; harness, feed, etc., $300. Insured.

Louis Lucas, No. 921 Clybourn Avenue; damage to two-story frame dwelling, $250; covered by insurance.

Mrs. Semon, No. 923 Clybourn avenue; coal shed totally destroyed; loss $150.

Brand Brewing Company, No. 927 Clybourn avenue; coal and wagon shed totally destroyed; loss, $250.

George Neidernaer, No. 925 Clybourn Avenue; two-story frame cottage damaged to the amount of $250.

The fire broke out in N.J. Druecker’s barn, who had gained such headway when discovered that nothing could be saved from the structure. The origin of the fire is unknown, but it is supposed boys smoking cigarettes in the alley near Druecker’s barn carelessly threw lighted cigarettes in loose hay and rubbish which surrounded the place.

Fire broke out in the two-story frame barn at Nos. 2706 and 2708 South Farthing Avenue at 5:30 o’clock yesterday morning. The blaze was extinguished with a loss of $250 to the building and its contents. The barn is owned by J.J. Flanders of Glencoe, Ill., and occupied by H.B. Downey. The origin of the fire is unknown.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 18 May 1896