Chicago, IL Curling Iron Fire, May 1896

Tragedy Of A Curling Iron.

Overturned Lamp Causes a Big Panic and a Small Blaze.

A small blaze in the apartment house at No. 1805 State Street caused much excitement among the occupants at 8 o’clock last evening. The building is a three-story brick and is owned by Allan McCullough. Miss Maggie Collins and Miss Lizzie White occupy apartments on the third floor. At 8 o’clock Miss White was curling her hair, using a kerosene lamp with which to heat the curling iron. The lamp was accidentally overturned and it exploded. The fire spread to the lace curtains and soon the room was filled with smoke. When the department arrived on the scene a small panic was in progress among the women occupants of the building. Miss White and Miss Collins were frightened to attempt to escape and they were assisted to the street by Lieutenant Thomas and other officers of the Stanton Avenue police station. Miss Collins is subject to epileptic fits and after reaching the street in safety she had five attacks in succession. Later she was conveyed to Mercy Hospital. Mrs. Mary Parks, who occupies apartments in the rear on the third floor, fainted when the alarm of fire was given and she was carried from the building by Officer Ringer. Several other occupants had to be assisted to the street by the police. The fire was extinguished with a damage of $300 to the building. The loss on the personal effects of Miss White and Miss Collins will not exceed $200. Several other occupants suffered small loss by water.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 14 May 1896