Chicago, IL Auto Accident, Jul 1915

On the afternoon of July 21, CARL SCHMIDT, an employee of the Chicago City Railways company, was struck by an automobile, owned by M. Robbins and driven by Peter Bright, his brother, at 69th St. and Racine Ave. The auto coming from the east on 69th St. turned south into Racine. A north-bound Racine car was about to turn west on 69th St. for the barns. SCHMIDT was leaning against a telegraph pole on the southeast corner of 69th and Racine about fifty feet south of 69th St. The auto in crossing to the west side of Racine struck the open street car switch and skidded despite the frantic efforts of the chauffeur to stop it. It careened to the east and shot toward where SCHMIDT was standing. Bright shouted a warning but SCHMIDT became confused and the car crashed into him, pinning him to the pole and amputating his leg above the knee. SCHMIDT was removed to the Eaglewood Hospital, where he died an hour later. Bright was held but later released when it was proved that he did all possible to prevent the accident. Both Robbins and Bright were severely injured, the latter sustaining a broken arm.

Suburbanite Economist, Chicago, IL 30 Jul 1915