Bloomington, IL Courthouse and Business Section Fire, Jun 1900

Bloomington ILL Fire Ruins.jpg

The Bloomington Fire

A Loss of $2,000,000, Covering Five Blocks of Houses and Including the Courthouse.

Bloomington, Ill., June 19.-Fire early this morning swept the business section of the city, burning between forty and fifty business houses and entailing a loss of $2,000,000. Word was sent to Peoria and Springfield to send fire engines. As every effort to check progress of the flames proved futile, the blowing up of buildings with dynamite was resorted to after the fire had been raging for three hours and a half. A strong east wind prevailed, which made the work of the firemen extremely difficult.

Among the buildings destroyed and some of the losses are the following:

Griesheim building and stock of clothing $100,000. Cole Bros., dry goods, $75,000; Parrett jewelry, $30,000; Stephen Smith & Son, dry goods, $75,000; Klemm, dry goods, $100,000; New York Store, dry goods, $30,000; Coblentz, drugs, $20,000; Garver, drugs, $20,000; Kitchell, candy, $10,000; Minerva block and stocks, $100,000, Phoenix Hotel, $30,000, Windsor Hotel, $75,000, Model Laundry, George Brown & Co., furniture; Myers & Miller, hardware, and the courthouse.

Two firemen are missing and are probably in the ruins. The burned district covers an area of five blocks.

The insurance is approximately $800,000.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 20 Jun 1900

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