Aurora, IL Train Wreck, Aug 1895


A Train Ran Into an Open Switch Where They Played.

Aurora, Ill., Aug. 16. - A passenger train on the Northwestern road ran through an open switch here this evening, crashing into a car loaded with carboys of acid. The fluid scattered in every direction adding to the deadly work done by the collision.

The killed are:

The injured were:
Fred Robinson, Aurora, badly burned by acid
Arthur Robinson, Aurora, frightfully burned
Mrs. Nancy Smith, Chicago, nose broken
Conductor Charlson, Aurora, back injured
Brakeman William Farrell, Aurora, back injured and cut about the head
J. Munch, Aurora, burned about the body.

The accident occurred in the Aurora yards, one mile from the depot. Seven boys were playing on a car when the train, running at full speed, swung onto the siding. There was no chance to escape. Two met death, while the others were more or less burned.

The Aspen Weekly Times, Aspen, CO 17 Aug 1895


Aurora, IL Train Wreck 1895


One Killed and Many Injured in a Railway Accident.

AURORA, Ill., Aug. 17. -- The Chicago and Northwestern passenger train which left Aurora yesterday afternoon bound for Chicago, ran through an open switch at the bleachery, about a mile north of this city, and collided with some freight cars on the siding. The passengers were thrown about the cars with great force, but none received serious injury. Ten boys were standing on one of the freight cars. One of these was killed and five badly hurt. The car was loaded with sulphuric acid which, spilling, burned the boys more or less. Rush Thomas was killed and the following were injured: Charles Chilvers, William Ferrell, Albert Hope, Henry Holder, Arthur Robinson, Fred Robinson, Mrs. Nancy Smith and Mrs. Vandewater.

Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 21 Aug 1895