Farmer City, IL Tornado, Apr 1880

Farmer City ILLINOIS the "square"


Chicago, April 26. -- The following additional particulars of Saturday night's storm have been received:
"At Farmer's City, Ill., the creeks and sloughs are higher than ever known before. Fences, culverts, bridges, walks, &c., were carried off. CHARLES STRAUSBURG was drowned while trying to cross the creek on horseback. At Kankakee almost an unprecedented amount of water fell. The river rose five feet, farmlands were flooded, and work will be delayed two weeks. Much of the lately sown grain will be drowned out. Near Taylorville the cyclone was terrific. Many houses were demolished and the inmates crippled, killed, or carried away. Many are still missing, and many were rendered homeless by the storm, which lasted from 7 P.M. until midnight. ALONZO CULLER'S house was blown to atoms, one of his children killed outright, and another carried off and found dead in the morning. MRS. T. J. LANGLEY was killed. JOHN GESSNER'S skull was fractured, and he will die. A man named WATTS and his wife were blown about a quarter of a mile, locked in each others arms. They were found badly cut, bruised and insensible. T. W. BRENTZ, MR. ELLIOT, wife, and two children, the little daughter of EDWARD LEIGH, and THOMAS HILL were injured. Hundreds of cattle and hogs were crippled and killed, and fowls were found dead and stripped of their feathers in the line of the cyclone.

The New York Times New York 1880-04-27