Chicago, IL Downtown Fire, Mar 1900


Chicago, March 19. -- A fire originating in an explosion destroyed a block of stores at North avenue and Larrabee street Saturday evening and caused a loss estimated at $158,000. A panic was caused among 200 masked dancers in Yondorf's hall, across the street from the burning building. Supposing that the hall was also ablaze, a fireman carried a lead of hose through a window and sent the dancers crowding to the exits. No one was hurt.

The loss is estimated as follows:
STERNS Clothing company, 256 to 264 North avenue, $125,000.
HERMAN FREY, drug store, North avenue and Larrabee street, $5,000.
C. TERNANDT, jewelry store, 401 Larrabee street, $2,000.
GEORGE NEIDHARDT, photograph gallery, 405 Larrabee street, $1,000.

The building was owned by JESSIE WINBIEL, loss estimated at $23,000, partly insured.

The Wellsboro Agitator Pennsylvania 1900-03-14