Fort Wayne, IN Horse - Bicycle Accident, Jul 1894

A Runaway Horse.

On South Calhoun street last night near Hoham's drug store, a smash-up took place, the victim of which a man named George Whey, of Ossian, seems not to be well-known, Whey was driving with a horse and buggy belonging to William Kaough. The man was very drunk and at the railroad he lost control of the animal. It dashed down the street and swering[sic] to the side near the drug store, ran into a bicycle belonging to Will Buckles, who was in the store. The bicycle and horse were badly mixed up and the result was, the driver was thrown out, the bicycle and buggy smashed and the horse ran away with the remnant cast on Wallace streetand north on Lafayette to the railroad gates, which were broken through and the horse fell exhausted and almost skinned alive. The drunken man, of course, was not hurt by the fall and was carried into the Windsor hotel and put to bed. Mr. Kaough is out of the city.

The Fort Wayne Gazette, Fort Wayne, IN 24 Jul 1894