Terre Haute, IN Private Plane Crash, Aug 1966



A Terre Haute man and two Madison County men were killed about 5:15 p.m. Friday in the crash of a single-engine Navion plane in a secluded wood about one and a half miles southeast of Hulman Field.
The victims were identified as A. C. SHELDON, 47, 322 Potomac Ave., a Terre Haute business man, and RONALD FRISBY, 26, and W. L. BASHAW, 45, the pilot, both of Anderson.
SHELDON was the franchised agent in Terre Haute for the Sonitrol Security Corporation. It is believed the three men had been in Florida on a business mission, and were returning from Pompano Beach, Fla.
A plane in contact with the flight control tower at Hulman Field led state troopers and ambulances to the scene of the wreck.
Two witnesses to the crash said the plane was a red and white single-engine Navion. It reportedly disintegrated after it crashed into a tree in a valley.
No fire followed the crash.
The witnesses said the bodies were thrown from the wreckage, which was strewn about the scene of the mishap. The plane had turned completely over on its wings and parts of its tail were resting at a height of about 30 feet on the branches of the tree the plane struck.
Investigating State Police officers said SHELDON and BASHAW were killed instantly. FRISBY about 45 minutes after the crash, following admittance to St. Anthony Hospital.
Rescue workers reportedly could not drive to the scene of the crash. They had to follow a small country lane. Then they walked through a cow pasture and a field and pushed through the wood for a distance of about 200 yards to find the bodies.
The crash was witnessed by two squirrel hunters who were walking through the woods. They were W. H. Martin, 1210 S. 7th St., and Lawrence King, 1404 N. 28th St.
Martin said the plane was flying north at an altitude of about 400 feet. Passing over them, he added it dipped its wings in a salute, and veered to the right. Then it began dropping and disappeared. Next, they heard the report of the crash.
King said shortly after he heard the plane crash, he heard a man screaming. They tried to reach the scene of the disaster but failed to penetrate the foilage. They then drove to a farm house and called Hulman Field for help.
Immediately two pilots from Hulman Aviation, Bob Marlow, Brazil, and James Whitsell, took up in a plane in an effort to locate the wreckage. They said an unidentified plane had located it but lost it. Then, after flying low over the area, they found it.
With Whitsell at the controls, Marlow kept in radio contact with the control tower at Hulman Field. In turn, the tower directed police and ambulance crews to the scene of the accident.
State Police troopers, who were among the first to arrive at the scene, said there was no indication of an explosion. They reported a gasoline supply was in the right wing tank of the aircraft.

Terre Haute Star Indiana 1966-08-27