Marion, IN Carbon Monoxide Fumes Kill Eight, Jan 1960


By Associated Press.
Marion, Ind., Jan. 23 - A family of eight was found dead in their home Saturday from carbon monoxide gas forced into the house by a stopped-up flue.
The tragedy was discovered by a bread man, Norman McFarren, when he went to the FRANKLIN COPP home to make his usual Saturday morning collection.
Dead are COPP, 38; his wife, COLLEEN, 30; and their children, JAMES, 12; JACKIE, 10; JERRY, 8; MARY, 5; HERBETTA, 4; and TRELLA, 3.
Dr. Henry Alderfer, Grant County coroner, ruled death was caused by asphyxiation.
He said firemen found a flue from a gas heater clogged with carbon, indicating it had not been cleaned for years.
McFarren said he opened the door when nobody answered his knock, and saw one of the children sprawled in front of the gas heater in the living room.

The Salt Lake Tribune Utah 1960-01-24