Bluffton, IN Storm, Jun 1913


Wells and Adams County in the Path of Them and Much Property Was Destroyed.

Bluffton, Ind., June 21 – A storm of rain, lightning and wind was general throughout Wells county Thursday afternoon and evening and practically every section of the county received more or less rain. About the lightest rain of the entire county was that experienced in Bluffton, where there was not sufficient to effectually lay the dust.

The wind and lightning appeared to be the most severe in the east and south, and several cases are reported where heavy damage was experienced.

A bolt of lightning struck a barn on the farm of Mrs. Rebecca Poulson, widow of Jasper Poulson, located south east of Keystone, and the building was burned to the ground, along with farm implements and a small quantity of grain. The total loss was placed at $1,200 to $1,500, and there was only partial insurance, in a Montpelier agency.

A bolt of lightning also struck the chimney on the residence of Mrs. Mary Kirkwood, in Petroleum, and followed the chimney down through the house, creating, however, comparatively small damage which is fully covered by insurance in the Hitchcock & Fetters agency.

Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 21 Jun 1913