Adams, IN Storm Jun 1913

Decatur, Ind., June 21--The wind, rain and electrical storm that struck Decatur Thursday a few hours later, and brought no damage, but a cooling, refreshing, much needed rain, did condiderable damage in Monroe township, where it came up about five o'clock in the evening and then passed northward.
The greatest damage was done to the Monroe township schoolhouse, in district number eight, located about a mile north of Berne. This was badly wrecked and hundreds of dollars will be needed to repair it. It is a two room brick building built within the last decade. The slate roof was torn off and dashed down in ruins about twenty feet from the building. The east brick wall is badly sagged and the floor of the schoolhouse was let down into the cellar.
The building is so badly ruined that it must be practically rebuilt before it can be used. C. C. Beer is the trustee
Two fine draft horses, value at $500. belonging to Fred Hanni, a farmer of near Berne, were also killed when they were struck by lightning.
Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 21 Jun 1913