Fort Wayne, IN Horse and Buggy Accident, May 1895


Julius Nathan's Presence of Mind Saves His Son's Life.

Last evening Mr. Julius Nathan and his 10 year old son, Chester, were out driving, when their carriage horse became frightened and unmanageable. It ran away on West Berry street at break-neck speed and at the corner of Rockhil street the wheels struck a curb-stone. Little Chester was hurled from the carriage seat. Mr. Nathan seized his son by the legs just as he was dropping head-first beneath the wheels and rescued him from a horrible injury. By-standers held their breath in horror, expecting to see the boy dashed to death. After the boy was pulled back on the seat Mr. Nathan succeeded in stopping the maddened flight of his horse before any serious damage was done.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 10 May 1895