Malcolm, IA train wreck, Jan 1890


Several Stock Drovers Injured Near Malcolm, Iowa - Other Accidents.

DES MOINES, Iowa, Jan. 5. - Special Telegram. - A destructive collision of freight trains occurred on the Rock Island, near Malcolm, about midnight last night. The fog was dense, obscuring the red light, and the rear section ran into the caboose of the first section, demolishing it and several stock cars and badly injuring seven or eight stock drovers and trainmen. Among the injured were William and Elmer Myers, of Glover, Pocahontas County, both of whom are reported to have died to-day. Another drover named Rhoades, of Dallas Center, was paralyzed, and will probably die. A brakeman lost one hand in the wreck. Dr. Hanawalt, the company's surgeon, attended the wounded men.

The Inter-Ocean, Chicago, IL 6 Jan 1890