What Cheer, IA Medium Bomber Crash, Oct 1943


What Cheer, Ia. -- (AP) -- Six servicemen were killed Sunday when a medium bomber crashed and burned two and three-fourths miles northwest of here.
The pilot, FLOYD BAIRD, 26, had waved to his family on their farm below shortly before the crash, and observers said the tail of the plane apparently caught on the tree tops and broke off as the bomber began to ascend.
BAIRD had written his parents previously he might be flying over their farm home, the local chief of police said.
When the plane appeared Sunday, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Baird, and a brother ran into the yard and waved to him.
The bodies were removed in ambulances sent from the Ottumwa naval air base.
The base of the bomber was not established, but BAIRD had been in training at Greenville, S.C.
Names of the other five were not announced pending notification of next of kin.

Waterloo Daily Courier Iowa 1943-11-01



Greenville, S.C. (AP) -- Six men stationed at the Greenville army air base were killed on a training flight near What Cheer, Ia., Sunday, when their medium bomber crashed, public relations announced Monday.
Listed as dead were:
Second Lt. FLOYD Y. BAIRD, 26, pilot, wife, Mrs. Gertrude Baird, Greenville, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Baird, What Cheer, Ia.
Second Lt. ROY GEORGE SCHOTT, 25, pilot, mother, Mrs. Hazel M. Schott, Grosse Pointe, Mich.
Second Lt. ROBERT L. MILLER, 26, navigator-bombardier, mother, Mrs. Edward J. Miller, Green Lake, Wis.
Second Lt. ROBERT J. LOVE, 20, co-pilot, mother, Mrs. G. B. Love, Stevens Point, Wis.
Staff Sgt. WILLIAM S. WEAVER, JR., 28, radio mechanic-gunner, mother Mrs. Goldie B. Traxler, Asheville, N.C.
Pvt. ROBERT L. CRAIG, 19, engineer-gunner, mother, Mrs. Gertrude S. Craig, Leslie, W. Va.

Nebraska State Journal Lincoln 1943-11-03


Floyd Bair

I am a close relative and his name was Bair. He was known better to his family as Pete. I saw him fly over North English and we then went to the crash site later that day.

bomber crash

The pilot's last name was Bair.